Maximize Your Month: July Goals


So I kind of have a love hate/relationship with goal setting. Particularly with publicly announcing my goals. I guess I'm scared people will remind me of something I never did, lol and I guess nobody likes that. But since I'm working towards self awareness and accountability, I'm heading to Food Booze and Baggage and linking up my goals for this July. Here goes nothing... Health - Go back to the 'eat clean' routine This last couple of weeks have been crazy and I hadn't had the time to get my ass into meal prepping. Though I did manage to implement some of the … [Read more...]

Veselica: Slovenia’s Summer Fest

Summer is the time of the year to be out and about celebrating with friends for any reason whatsoever. It is all about enjoying the weather and company. Two great reasons to be happy about, am I right? Well, that is what Veselica literally means in Slovenian 'little happiness'. Every small town in Slovenia celebrates it every year, and last weekend was Mr. M's hometown turn. Plus, my mother-in-law was volunteering at the beer station, I just couldn't say no. That would be so rude, you guys! The whole town volunteers for waitressing, cooking, and with the overall … [Read more...]

Celebrating Slovenia’s Birthday (with Mexican Carne Asada!)


I can't think of a better way of celebrating my new home country's birthday than with Mexican carne asada, hehe. Okay so maybe it wasn't as patriotic as it could've been but we had been meaning to make a carne asada for a while now as a part of a Rotaract project we had with my club back in Mexico. And it happened to fall on this day because it was a holiday and we all were available. This is why this year's Slovenian Independence day, June 25th, had a little bit of a Mexican touch. (ahem, could we make it a yearly tradition now?) We started the preparations a day … [Read more...]

A Day Trip to Opatija Croatia


The last stop from our Croatian Trip was Opatija, a small but utterly charming town right next to the ocean. It was Sunday and we woke up early in the morning to make it to Ljubljana before noon but we really didn't want to leave at all. We thought we didn't have enough time to visit another destination but Mr. M had a surprise in store for us! He basically told us to just trust him as he mysteriously searched for the directions in his GPS. Even though I was the designated co-pilot, I was not allowed to see where we were headed. And I'm glad I was too busy chatting … [Read more...]

Slovely pictures 22.06.16: So Long Spring, Welcome Summer!


No, I refuse to acknowledge that we are halfway done with this year. How is that even possible?! Time sure does fly by! It all started with a hiking trip that ended up being more fun (and enlightening) than I expected. It's funny what the blog would make me do sometimes. I'm glad I didn't pass the opportunity to see the daffodils in full blossom. And we also had the chance to attend the very coolest Indian cultural night that very same day!   One of my friends from my master program … [Read more...]