Kino Bay: my happy place


Kino bay is a hidden gem in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, laying right on the Sea of Cortez. Imagine the beach meets the desert. This small beach town is an hour away from Hermosillo (they are actually in the… Continue Reading

What Should I Do When My Flight Gets Cancelled?


Back when we booked our tickets for Mexico, we decided that it was best to book them with a connection in Dallas, Texas. We tried to avoid Chicago and NYC because they have higher probabilities of getting really bad weather but HA! Mother Nature… Continue Reading

How to Know if He is The One?


I can’t recall if I always thought that Miha was going to be the one for forever and ever after. Maybe because I was too to afraid admit it myself. I always sort of knew that what we had was special, but… Continue Reading

10 Things That Will Happen When you Move Abroad

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL  1 // At the beginning, you will not be able to pronounce correctly where you want to go or any basic need really 2// You will wonder why people always have a better weather appropriate outfit… Continue Reading

Expats & Adventure: Freedom in Japan


Sometimes when you are away from your family and friends and in a foreign land, you can feel somewhat  misunderstood, isolated and, overall, really down. That’s how I felt somewhere back in January. But then and there I remembered that… Continue Reading

The Reality of Goal Setting


Yikeeeeeees, the first month of the year has already passed! And ohmyfreakinggosh I feel like I’m not on the right track towards reaching my 2015 goals. I mentioned that it’s very hard for me to actually finish what I started,… Continue Reading

The Sunny Side of This 1st Blogiversary: Hits & Misses


So technically, I posted for the first time here on the 27th of January. But I actually opened this blog on the 26th at night during a cathartic rambling session. I was too confused and had literally all the feels… Continue Reading

Slovely pictures 22.01.15: Finding my Serendipity & Strength


January is almost over and so far it has been a hell of a ride. From good surprises, to devastating moments (that I still don’t feel ready to write about), to exciting news and complicated situations that made me feel… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Blogger

Or be in a relationship with one, too! 1// All the special moments you have together will be documented. Your wedding, engagement, first party you ever hosted together, that time you went skiing with all your friends, that special New… Continue Reading