Where Will You Be in May 2022?


So just yesterday my International Marketing professor assigned us a very interesting task. We had to do a short essay about where we want to be by May 2022. Plain and simple? Not quite. Or maybe. You see, there are actually a bunch of things I want to have accomplished by then. Then why the hell don't I just start now? Why does it feel like it is going to be so hard to write them down? Who am I going to disappoint in the end? I mean, if I don't go for it, the only one I will be disappointing is myself.  And wouldn't it be actually fun to give it a try? So here it's … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts Session


Well hello unintentional blogging break. You were awesome and weird and kind of necessary, but here I am today! Am I the only one who gets overwhelmed with all the million things that come with blogging? Social media presence, engaging through all the social media outlets, acquiring semi-pro photographic skills, thinking about your branding, your voice, your goals, or ohmygosh is it just me? Most probably. This morning it just clicked, I'm just going to focus in doing what I love: the writing and connecting part. I just love reading you guys comments, blog posts, and … [Read more...]

20 Words & Phrases for your Next Visit to Slovenia + Additional Info!


Well now that I got you all excited to come to Slovenia, the least I could do is provide you with some essential information for your next trip! LANGUAGE Let's start first with some basic and necessary words & phrases you will need for your visit: Živjo! [yi·vio] - Hello/Hola! Dober dan [do·ber dan] - Good day (used for greeting)/Buenos dias (se usa como saludo) Lahko noč [lah·ko nocz/laj·co noch] - Good night (used it to say goodbye, when it's dark obviously)/Buenas noches (se usa solo para despedirse, cuando oscurece obvio) Jaz sem Ana [jaz … [Read more...]

A Year of Living With A Boy, a.ka. My 1st Expat Anniversary

Ana Miha ljubljana session 19.6.2014-89

One year ago today I arrived to Slovenia. After a big delay, a weird rescheduling, and a whole lot of madness, I saw the glimpse of the Alps from the airplane, and I forgot all the stress of it all. And let me tell you something, it was certainly sunny. I don't know if the blog name predicted such spectacular entrance, but it sure was a beautiful view. But if they were to tell me that the year that followed was going to be even more full of beauty, I probably wouldn't have comprehended to what extent. You see, it was my first time of living with a boy (I was like … [Read more...]

What to Do in Slovenia? Check this 5 Must-See Destinations


Slovenia it's a country situated right in the heart of Europe, bordering amongst Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. And it's a true hidden gem with lots of different things to do. Its size is barely 20,273 km2  but don't let that fool you! It has the perfect combination of mountains & sea, romantic & adventurous getaways, and a great fusion of Italian, Balkan food, and the sweetest breads and desserts of the region. If there is a place you have to visit while in Europe, it's Slovenia. Here to present to you my take on the Top 5 best Slovenian destinations … [Read more...]