Maximize Your Month: August Reviews & September Goals


AUGUST GOALS REVIEW Health |FOOD| Focus on clean eating. Check! I finally found a diet and balance I'm comfortable with that fits into my schedule and doesn't require us to make almost daily trips to the super market. |EXERCISE| Keep doing my 30 minute daily walk, try a new hiking spot, and use the 1 free week membership I got from a gym. Also, see if I can fit to try 2 yoga studios and decide upon one already. Yes on the 30 minute walk, that got extended to 40 to 50 min. We tried one awesome hiking location if you remember, and I think I found the yoga studio that … [Read more...]

Logarska Dolina: One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Valleys

Where is it? In the Central Northern part of Slovenia. It extends into the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, almost bordering Austria. It is part of the Municipality of Solčava. Activities Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, photo hunting, paragliding, and free climbing during the summer. During the winter you can go skiing, sledding, ice climbing, and practice Alpinism. Natural Attractions Rinka waterfall Palenk Waterfall Logar Valley Brložnica Waterfall Brložnica Cave Spring of Črna River Logar's Linden The Okrešelj basin (from these … [Read more...]

Idrija Mercury Mine: One of Slovenia’s UNESCO Heritage Sites

I'm a big fan of anything cultural and historic. My favorite part about traveling is being able to learn more about the country's history and heritage, and this is why I absolutely loved my visit to Idrija's Mercury Mine. Everything from the start is a unique experience! To start off, a video about Idrija and mercury's history is presented. It is full with interesting & impressive facts, and I totally geeked out. Did you know that the mining industry in Idrija started around 500 years ago and it used to produce 12% of the world's mercury?! Well, now you do. But … [Read more...]

The Spicy Tour: Imperio Mexicano Review

Today I'm excited to introduce to you a new series about one of my favorite subjects ever... Mexican food! It's been a long time coming now. I have been to several Mexican restaurants in Slovenia, because luckily people here adore Mexican food (I mean, who doesn't?!). So I feel confident now about spreading the word around. Particularly because people are always asking me if I miss Mexican food, how I can survive without tacos in my life, and if there is any actual good Mexican restaurant in Slovenia for when I have crazy craving for my National cuisine. To them I … [Read more...]

How To Be More Slovenian pt. I


It all sounds like a good idea at the beginning. You buy your new shiny hiking gear, the special shoes, a good windbreaker, and a new matching wardrobe to go with it. Because if you are going to start embracing the good old Slovenian hiking tradition, you might as well do it in style. You do a little test around the surrounding areas. Like hiking up to Rožnik Hill at the heart of Tivoli Park in Ljubljana. And you get super excited because you feel like you totally get it now. "Yes, I love nature! I live for the fresh air! Wow, the feeling of accomplishment!" you say … [Read more...]