Slovely pictures 22.01.15: Finding my Serendipity & Strength

January is almost over and so far it has been a hell of a ride.

From good surprises, to devastating moments (that I still don’t feel ready to write about), to exciting news and complicated situations that made me feel very blessed, strong, humbled and in awe all at the same time.

It started with this great little loving note from Thays.

slovely-january1 This is the first mail I have ever gotten since I arrived to Slovenia last May! I’m serious guys, snail mail should be a priority when you are abroad. It makes things even more special and more so in this case because it was from dear blogging friend of mine. I love how through this medium we can sparkle friendships through the world. You brighten my day, Thays!

10947844_10155150504825037_1451453288_n10934593_10155150504745037_2120256078_nI also found out that we apparently have a really fun & quirky neighbour that does the most astounding wood pieces from the block! I have yet meet him but since he has his masterpieces on display, I thought he wouldn’t mind me taking some pics from his artwork. (PS: is it bad that I’m assuming already that this person is a male because, you know, boobs & scary movies?) 

10945363_10155150505735037_519662345_n 10937617_10155150501520037_1705768637_nAnd the weekends lately have looked little bit like that. Grad school is no joke people. I even go on Saturdays in the mornings and occasionally finish when the sun has already set. These pictures are from two separate weekends, apparently grad school also makes you want to take pictures in black and white. Is my subconscious trying to tell me something? 


slovely-january2 slovely-january3 10945933_10155150501320037_470012060_nWe have also indulged in the things we love: long romantic walks and dinner with champagne with no other apparent reason that we are already adults and if we think it’s appropriate to have dinner with champagne, then so be it! Being an adult is pretty awesome sometimes.

And that place that you see in the pictures is seriously three blocks away from my house, this place never ceases to amazing me. The surprise are literally just around the corner.

I have come to embrace and fall in love with my new home. But to be honest with you, sometimes nostalgia hits me really hard. I was discussing this the other day with my friend Vivian from back home who also moved away to a different city to pursue the career of her dreams. She was telling me that such moments come with the territory of doing the things we love (and terrify us the most at the same time) the most. We really have to let go of what we have previously known and love to fly as high as we can.

Part of this new found strength, I find it here. With the connections we built, the ideas and hopes we share, the special moments we announce, the struggles we tackle and the lessons we contribute to each other. So for that dear readers, I’m eternally grateful. Thank you for being my home away from home.

Now tell me, how has January been for you? Has it been a new source of motivation and inspiration? 

Hope it has been because you deserve the best of the best! <3

From the very loving side of this, 



10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Blogger


Or be in a relationship with one, too!

1// All the special moments you have together will be documented.

Your wedding, engagement, first party you ever hosted together, that time you went skiing with all your friends, that special New Years or Valentine’s Day all accompanied with a special story that gets to capture all the small details that made it special.

2// You will have more pictures than you’ve ever imagine you could have. 

So many pictures that you will have to start saving them in a Google Drive (that you obviously share together). And all of them will have the best composition, light, color & quality because us bloggers take really good care of our pictures.

3// She/he will say YES to any opportunity to travel, go out & get out of the comfort zone.

Everything for the sake of the blog, of course!

4// You will have the best buddie for any kind of adventure in life! 

Because she/he will never ever be able to pass up a good opportunity to get a new story for the blog, you will have countless of memories to recount for years to come. Who could resist this?

5//  You will become an expert in a skill you never thought you needed before: photographer, wordpress/blogger developer/graphic designer, social media promoter, brainstorming champion.

Thought Facebook or Twitter was just about keeping up with your friends and watch funny videos or that photographing from your phone was not a real vocation? Think again! With a blogger you will learn and master all of these skills.

6// You will have a unique & special place to go back and re-visit your life together. 

Whenever your feeling nostalgic, you can just go back to the blog and rejoice on the incredible moments you shared. How awesome is that?

7// You will have an entire online community cheering for you guys!

Nobody will ever be as vocal, positive & encouraging when it comes to relationships than her/his blogging community. Their comments will brighten your day any time, trust me!

8// All your family & friends will be up-to-date with all you’ve been up to.

They say pictures are worth a thousands words, your relatives will be so happy every time they see your smiley faces over their screen!

9// You will have an infinite source of reliable reviews on basically anything: movies, series, recipes, hotels, vacation destinations, you name it! 

You don’t know what to binge-watch this weekend? You’re tired of eating the same thing every day? You’re not sure which destination to go next? Not with a blogger, no sir. She/he will have all the insights on what is really going in the entertainment industry & the hottest spots to travel around the world!

10// You become our favorite source of inspiration. 

Who else could call themselves someone’s #1 infinite source of inspiration & have tons of romantic & sweet posts dedicated to them? Not many that is for sure. You will get all the glory of being someone’s true motivation.

Being with a blogger is pretty awesome, ammrite?


From the sunny side of this, 


Yoga for the Busy Fellas

I guess some of us want to get our yoga groove back for 2015, yey us! I made a compromise with myself that this year was going to be the year I finally become an engaged yogini. You see, I did lots of yoga throughout my first year at college. It sculptured my arms beautifully, it enhanced my flexibility both physically and mentally and, most importantly, taught me how to actually concentrate in the moment. It taught how to actually listen better and focus all my energy on my movements and breathing. It was a glorious time.

Then I had three car crashes in a row (none of them my fault) and I just couldn’t return to my full practice all at once. Two physical therapy treatments later plus a somewhat consistent walking routine, and my body was craving its yoga time back. 

Sadly, time is very constraint lately. I have done some research around and there are no schools that fit my school schedule and (ahem!) budget. But since it’s the start of a new year & I don’t want to loose this spark yet again, I turned to good old YouTube of course!

Here are my 3 go to videos right now for a quick, sweaty, purposeful & energetic yoga practice:

1// To get your heart rate going in the morning:

2// Instead of surfing Facebook & Bloglovin for half an hour, try this:

3// You can squeeze this in before going out on Friday: 

** bonus: this 30 day yoga challenge! 

After the practice, I finish with a 5 to 10 minute meditation session. So far, my muscles feel less tense and my concentration level is right on track.  About those old toned arms? Well, for that my friends I guess I would really need a more consistent and stable routine but for now, this will do!

Hope this helps you too to get back on track with your yoga practice.

What do you do when you don’t have time to commit to a regular workout regime? 

I would appreciate all the advice I can get!

From the very namaste side of this, 


5 Reasons to Love Slovenia

Slovenia has started to feel like home but I’m still mesmerized by all the fascinating things it has to offer. When they said the grass is greener on the other side, they were definitely talking about Slovenia.

Let me explain.

1// The Impressive Natural Diversity

natural-bridge-sloveniaIn Rakov Skocjan, you can cross a natural bridge built from the collapse of a cave.


natural-bridge-sloveniaYou can also enjoy the endless pine-trees, strong green sceneries & fluffy blue skies wherever you go.

PortorozOr have a delightful time visiting Portorož at the beautiful Adriatic sea.

Plus, every place has the perfect trail for all of those hiking fans. Slovenians love hiking, they say your passport can only be stamped once you climb the Triglav mountain (2864 meter tall, the tallest mountain summit in Slovenia). And by they, I mean every Slovenian who has pressured me to take the challenge, I guess I have a lot of training to do then!

2// The Picturesque & Fairytale Landscapes

predjama-castleLike something out of a book you read in your childhood, you can dazzle yourself by going to see the Predjama Castle built inside a cave located next to Postonja (a city in Slovenia).

DSCN0962Or hypnotyse your senses when you discover the church in the middle of Lake Bled #nofilter.

3// The Capital’s Symbol is a Dragon

dragon-ljubljanaLjubljana’s city protector is a dragon a.k.a The Green Dragon or could it be Rhaegal? Game of Throne fans, rejoice. I mean, how badass is this?

_DSC0571The legend actually says that Jason (from the band of heroes in the Greek mythology) was the original founder of Ljubljana, and that he and his Argonauts killed a dragon and this is represents one of them.

_DSC0570It is also nicknamed as the “mother-in-law” bridge. I see what you did there, Slovenians!


4// All year it’s full of the traditions, festivals, food & music!

In Slovenia, any good reason to get together & have a good time it’s always a good idea. From the typical grilled porkchops, chicken wings & čevapčiči for the hot summer days, to the Open Kitchen where you get the chance to taste all kinds of cuisines from all over the world, the Chesnut Festival at the beginning of the fall, the Beer & Burger Festival, &  football matches between local teams, it’s all about good beer, great food & awesome company!


5// Vineyards & Wines 

Like a kid in a candy store, Slovenia it’s the place to be for wine lovers (and I am a wine lover, I hit the jackpot with this one!).

_DSC0074_DSC0147 _DSC0252_DSC0034Slovenia’s second most popular hobbie is having a weekend home with a wineyard where they produce their own wine. Or, as Slovenians would call it, vinograd which literal translation means “winecastle”. So this means that where one lives you get to call it a home, but where the wine is produced you get to call it a castle? Ha, Slovenians! I like you more and more each day!

Frankly, the list could go on and on but I just want you to really discover the Sunny Side of the Alps by yourself.

If you’re Slovenian or have been in Slovenia already, which other reasons would you add?

And if you’ve never been, what are you waiting for?!

From the sunny side of this,


PS: all pictures were taken by my dad, you can follow him here.

On Letting Go & New Beginnings

I’m a victim of my own words. I’m so human. Last week I mentioned that I wanted to get rid of negative thoughts and my own personal fear of failure but I had a minor setback.

You see, last Tuesday just two days after starting school and a new diet (sigh, such an original new year’s resolution I know!) I wanted to give up. 

I wanted to quit school just because I feel I could be creating so much more or taking the world by storm! You see, I have developed new passions like writing and blogging.

But at that moment it’s when it just clicked. I may have this new hobbie that I really love but I will be definitely applying what I’m actually learning at school with this project or another at some point. I’m challenging myself, gaining further knowledge from my bachlor’s degrees & meeting people that are re-teaching the perspective I had of the world. That’s it. It finally hit me. Eureka! 


If I want to stop complaining and having negative thoughts. I just have to let it go! (I bet you read this singing the song!)

Despite the fact that I don’t see the results right now reflected on this blog or in other projects, the credentials that I will acquire will give me further tools for the future. Or at least I’ll make sure they do, trust me. So yey for epiphanies & challenges that show us our true colors!

On the diet issues, let’s just say that is a whole different story that deserves a whole different post of its own. I have managed to stick to the plan so far with the help of my lovely husband, who is also in this with me together. Thank you hubbie dobbie! (I don’t ever talk him like that in real life, this just was a spur of the moment thing)

And on the new beginnings part. I have planned a newsletter program specially for you guys!

It’s called 12 sunny rays of life and it’s going to be a monthly newsletter where I will send things that personally inspire me throughout the month. People, articles, movies, ideas, you name it!

It’s also going to have a featured section with something specially created for you guys, from advice & how-to’s on travelling, blogging, business, studying, school, love & relationships.

I want us to get to know each other in a whole different personal level & I want you to feel like you have received a little ray of sunlight from the sunny side of this place every time you open your e-mail!

You can make the magic start (a.k.a subscribe) here.

slovenia-forestThank you for being the loving & caring community that you are. I hope you join me in this new endeavour!

From the sunny side of this,


Slovely pictures 05.01.15: Holidays in Slovenia!

So here are some pictures of my first holidays in Slovenia. IMG_4891We celebrated it at the in-laws with some lunch, dinner & some fun table games!

10891664_10155003949665037_7440760757382821938_nThe next day we took a walk around Dolenska to find this, a super green Christmas holiday! Not fair, I was desperately wanting a White Christmas.


But we did got it! 

A day too late at Ljubljana but that’s okay. It felt like Christmas all over again <3

We mostly stayed indoors, watching movies, sleeping, catching up with the internet & not giving a damn. I couldn’t have asked for anything better though. It was just fun to relax after some busy & hectic months.

We did get to go out for New Year’s Eve. We went to Cutty Sark Park Pub with some of Miha’s friends. Then a little bit before 00:00 hours of 2015, we ran to city center to see the most beautiful of fireworks that came right out of the Ljubljana Castle!





IMG_20150101_000514It was beautiful & the atmosphere was wild. We wished each other a happy new year & light up some sparklers to commemorate such event.



IMG_20150101_000307 The pictures turned kind of blurry & off set but what can I say, we were too busy having fun and being drunk. 

Of course, we needed like a couple of days to rest after that. We watched a ton of movies after that & catch up with more friends.

I wish I could share with you some exciting-we-climbed-a-mountain-full-of-snow sort of news but we were too busy self-hosting this blog. Yes, you heard that right. Blogging just got real!

All I can say so far is that crazy & bigger things are coming ahead (at least that feels like it for me). I’m scared but also super excited to be learning & experimenting with this online world. 2015 started very grand & I’m very happy despite the fact that -as you read this now- I have already started school again. Oh well, what can I say? 

I like to finish what I already started!

What about you, how’s 2015 been for far? 

From the not-vacations-anymore side of this, 









Positivity Tag Challenge

Happy New Year!

2015 is here now and I bet you’re all over your New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t know about you but I NEVER seem to actually get anything done, aside from the Goodreads book challenge in 2012, ha! So, I want to share a new practice I started last year that help me be less goal oriented and more self development oriented.

A year ago my Rotaract friends and I did something different for our traditional Christmas party. We did a sort-of cleansing ritual to embrace the new year with positivity and hope.

how I miss this bunch <3

how I miss this bunch <3

We started by writing down on a piece of paper all the bad things or negative events that happened to us and that we would like to forget. After writing them down, everybody had one minute to reflect on them and continued to placed that piece of paper inside a jar with a candle. This was meant to symbolize the end of all those moments because they got burned down by the candle flame. Now they were long gone and we had space to welcome a new year of challenges.

Then, in a new piece of paper we had to write down new values and attitudes we wanted to adopt for the next year. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with specific goals that we are not able to accomplish under the time frame we selected. This practice helped me to understand that is not about what you do but who do you want to become, then all the rest will follow along.

Back when we did this, I was in a point of my life full of uncertainty, stress and confusion. I knew my life was going to changed drastically very fast, I was moving away to reunite with the love of my life, as you might know by now. I wrote down that I wanted love, vision and patience to be the key values to help me throughout this new journey. We placed that piece of paper on a Chinese sky lantern to symbolize that our wishes will come true.



look how high our wishes went!

I thought about applying this same dynamic but to the blog. The blog being the Chinese sky lantern here (or if you get one, go ahead!). Plus, wouldn’t be terrific to start this together & embrace lots more of positivity because who knows, it might be contagious! These are the guidelines:

1// Write down all the things you want to let go off and tare that piece of paper to shreds, tore it down, light it up! Do whatever you feel would be the most therapeutic for you (but don’t forger to be safe! haha)

2// Write down the new values and attitudes you want to adopt for this new year. Instead of writing that you want to loose weight or start exercising more write down will power, discipline, or consistency! The key is adopt the new values that will allow you to become the person you want to be.

3// Write these new values here, on your inspirational board or on your blog!

4// Invite people to join in, do it with your loved one or best friend, or on your blog, and spread the positivity!

4So here are the things I would like to get rid of (I want to keep this here on the blog to remind me of the promises I made to my future self):

  • Negative thoughts
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of focus

Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.”- L.M. Montgomery

These are the new attitudes I want to adopt next year, in no particular order because they’are equally as important:

  • Consistency
  • Self-awareness
  • Love



I hope you will join this tag and do it whichever way it feels better for you! I know it helped me embrace my new life and self so much easier and I accomplished more than I ever thought I could.

I’ll would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Let’s start 2015 with a BANG!

From the sunny side of this, 


The Sunny Side of This in 2014

Given the fact that I started this blog in 2014 because my world was about to turn upside down, I want to share a recap of this whole amazing and confusing journey with you here.


As you know now, I moved here to Slovenia to reunite with the love of my life. Damn, I still get the chills by just writing that all over again! 

So in a moment of isolation and confusion, a 27th of January at midnight, I started the shit out of this blog in a blogpost called Life is too short. Perfect therapy!


2013-12-25 15.23.24-1

February was all about love in all its forms, talking about how the proposal happened, how to manage a long distance Valentine’s day, squeezing in a a fun roadtrip to a music festival in Alamos, Sonora with my friends and (cue the dromrolls!) booking the golden ticket  Continue reading →

Not the Typical Christmas Story

Happy Christmas, everybody!

Hope you had/have a great time with lots of love and delicious food <3

I don’t usually celebrate the 25th, the 24th at night is a bigger deal in Mexico.

My whole family from my mom’s side gets together and celebrate with a typical big, yummy dinner with turkey, roasted pork leg, pasta, salad, my mom’s famous desserts & (of course!) lots of tamales. How much I’m going to miss such exquisite menu!!

Then at 12:00 am we wish each other a Merry Christmas by creating this large chain of hugs, because literally we’re around 40+ family members all together and it takes forever to greet everyone, haha!

Then we proceed by opening gifts, which is fun because there are usually tons of them and it turns into a mini fashion runway show/gadget exposition.

Ah, and I almost forgot (and by almost, I mean never) last year on this very same day, right after the chain of hugs and giving away the presents, Miha proposed.


that was at the very moment I said yes!


Continue reading →

14 things 2014 taught me

A personal memo from me to you & my future self written in a typical listicle millennial form.

1// Distance doesn’t cause love to fade, lack of interest does. That goes to friendships too.

2// It’s not luck what gets you to places, it’s your brain. Get those neurological connections and grey matter to think, they are designed exactly for that.

3 // I’ll rather be dislike by who I am than liked for being just like everybody else.


4// I like my conversations like I like my wine: sparkly & refreshing.  Continue reading →