Would You Rather?


I loved this post idea that Tea started recently, it’s all about the hard trade-offs and questions one could never imagine questioning about travel but definitely should anyway! Q: Have a $10,000 budget for a holiday and you can either fly first… Continue Reading

100th Post – Why The Sunny Side of This?


Yesterday I got the chance to meet Jordan from Beer Time with Wagner in Ljubljana. She was doing some sightseeing in Slovenia & we had the chance to meet & grab a beer together, so appropriate amirite? So exciting guys,… Continue Reading

Instachallenges // Week 2


Welcome to the second week update of my instagram challenges. In typical human fashion, I could only keep up with one challenge. M’s birthday & celebrations went on the whole weekend and just when I was getting my groove back… Continue Reading

Trying Different Routes


The weather has been so wonderful lately. It has inspired us to start doing long walks around the neighbourhood but after a while it gets kind of boring to just be going in circles. So to keep things interesting Mr.… Continue Reading

Perfect Weekend Getaway to Piran


Last Saturday we also had the chance to explore more of Slovenia’s sea side, the small town of Piran about 10 mins away from Portorož. Last time I was there was during the summer of 2013, seems like a very long time… Continue Reading

Birthdays are Better Together


This last Friday was Mr M’s birthday, the sleepyhead you see over there I woke him up by singing happy birthday with a cake & candles. He was so sleepy he didn’t realize what was going on. Since I wake up… Continue Reading

Instachallenges // Week 1


For a person who has never done an Instagram Challenge before in her life, I have manage to do 2 this past week. Helene In Between’s #30PhotosInBetween and Kino Yoga’s #DetoxToBody. I was just so inspired by how people participated… Continue Reading

Where I Come From and Why I Left?


Imagine a place that is sunny all year round. A place where you never have to check the weather before you go out. A place full of cacti, a beach near by, barbecues all year long, cowboy hats & boots.… Continue Reading

Easter in Slovenia


Happy Easter, everybody! How were the Holidays? It’s my first Easter celebration here in Slovenia! In Mexico we don’t celebrate this day in particular, we celebrate the whole week. Ah yes, Mexico has a week long vacation while here in… Continue Reading