Slovely pictures 30.03.15: Birthday, Castles, Sunflower Bread & Spring!


Happy monday sunnysiders! How you’ve been? Well for me it’s still technically Sunday and I’m still in a full-on food coma. It was the nephew’s birthday which meant typical (& delicious!) Slovenian barbecue and cake. oh yes that cake, so… Continue Reading

Expat Support: Dealing with Losing Loved Ones Abroad


First of all, thank you so much for your dearest comments on this post. I felt like I came ‘clean’ to all of you, I don’t know why I was holding back so much. Maybe because I thought no words could… Continue Reading

Sunday Funday: A Real Girl’s Struggle on Weather Appropriate Outfits


One of our new year’s resolution is to go out and do something different every weekend. Since the weather started looking better, we decided to go and pay a visit to the European Space Exposition at Ljubljana’s City Center. But… Continue Reading

A Glimpse of the Sonoran Desert


Back when I was back home we decided to go to this famous viewpoint and catch a glimpse of the sunset with a friend. I picked her up and, while chatting up with her parents, her dad suggested we visited… Continue Reading

Ski Jumping World Cup – Planica 2015


One of the biggest sports event in Slovenia is the Ski Jumping World Cup that takes every year in Planica, an alpine valley in the northwestern part of the country. People from all over the world come there to show… Continue Reading

I Will Always Miss You


There are very few things that have been very hard to acknowledge for me. My grandma passing away while I was here in Slovenia is one of them. Going back home felt so strange, to say the least. Just knowing that… Continue Reading

Travel Tips: How to Beat Jet Lag to the Curve

how to overcome jetlag

After travelling through almost 5 different time zones in less than a week, my body, mind, and soul are finally in full capacity. It took me around 2 to 3 days to adjust. I never have problems the first day… Continue Reading

Bronx Burro Company


If there is something we people in Hermosillo are known for, is for our big fat love for Burros Percherones. Which is basically our prime street food. It’s a big tortilla wrapped around delicious grilled beef, tomatoes, and avocado. You can… Continue Reading

A Day in the Life


Some of my friends & family back at home asked me about what a day in the life of Isabel in Slovenia looks like. So here is how a typical day goes for me: 6 AM  I start off the… Continue Reading

Parque Madero – Hermosillo Sonora


Parque Madero (Madero Park in English) is located in the heart of Hermosillo. It was founded in 1900 under the name of ‘La Alameda’ but was then renamed in 1911 in honor of Francisco I. Madero, an instrumental figure in creating… Continue Reading