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10 Free Things in Ljubljana

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Mr. M and I challenged ourselves yesterday trying to find free things in Ljubljana. I was aiming to find 5 or 7 but, as you can see, this was not the case. Who knew there were so many things for free in my beloved adopted new home? :)

Honestly, it took me almost two years to figure all of these things out. Though since most of you only have a couple of days to enjoy Ljubljana, I decided to compile a comprehensive list of things that you can do, use or visit for free around Ljubljana. Hopefully these suggestions will leave you with enough budget for other things you like! For example, how about trying out some of delicious food and wine offers or buying yourself an Urbana card to move around the city. But more on that matter later. For now, you can read about some of the free things Ljubljana has to offer!


Free things to do in Ljubljana
1| Library under the treetops

1-free-things-ljubljana-libraryIf you are like me, then you love to find places where you relax and read a good book. Especially during holidays. Well now you can do that in Ljubljana as well, at Tivoli Park and several other stations all summer until September. We stumbled upon it on one of our daily walks and by the next day we had already a full picnic prepared to enjoy our Sunday afternoon. The place is right besides a lake, public restrooms, a botanical garden and a cool coffee place with nice music. It is the perfect combination of leisure and fun!

2| Hike up to the castle

ljubljana-castleSome of you might not know, but hiking up to the castle is for free if you walk. There is an option to go up and down by Funicular and it costs around 8€, and an extra couple of euros if you want to reach the highest point of the castle in one of its towers. When you buy that ticket you also get access to the expositions and museum of the castle. But if you want to save a couple of euros and you just love good views, then a hike up to the castle will suffice.

3| Get soaked up by the free rain at Prešeren Square

3-free-things-ljubljana-rainWell, I know that you can get soaked up by the rain everywhere in the world for free. But this quirky rain station runs everyday even with no cloud in sight! I remember not noticing that it was a man-made station while I was strolling around this square last year. It is a fun element of surprise that keeps kids happy through the whole day. So if you are a fan of rain, get ready for some fun at Prešeren Square!

4| See the best view of Ljubljana at Šmarna Gora

smarnagoraSome people argue that the best view of Ljubljana is on top of the Skyscrapper bar, and although there is some truth in that, it is a bar where you have to pay for drinks. So not necessarily for free. So skip the bar (for a while), and head over to Ljubljana’s most popular hill for one of the best free views around. You should know that there is also a bar on top of that hill but there are also areas available for people who BTOB.

5| Use the free workout trails and stations

5-free-things-ljubljana-workoutThe PST is a historical trail that circles around Ljubljana. It is 35 km, and it is a popular walking and running trail for the citizens of the city. If you like to explore the city while working out this one is for you! If you also love to exploring while running you can also make a couple of stops in the free workout stations across the parks of the city.

6| Hang out in Ljubljana’s Beach

6-free-things-ljubljana-beachYep, you heard that right. Ljubljana has a beach. Well, not precisely. But this part of Ljubljanica is called Plaža (Beach in Slovenian) among locals. A popular destination during the night for students who want to drink outside but would rather stay away from the bars. By day you will find people meditating, reading, gossiping and enjoying their day. The perfect spot for a break.

Free entrances in Ljubljana
7| Visit the random outdoor and cultural events around the city

7-free-things-outdoor-ljubljanaDuring the summer and winter, the city is buzzing with free things to do like open theaters, festivals, concerts, and activities. Just last weekend, Congress Square turned into a toboggan park. This weekend, the beach volleyball tournament will start. And you can expect to find open-air theater and plays all around the city.

8|Enjoy the free museums and expositions

8-free-things-ljubljana-museumsYou can visit for free most of the museums around the city every last or first Sunday of the month, depending on the museum. There are also free photo gallery expositions around the city everyday, and you will be able to find them in some of the most random buildings. The point is to keep walking and exploring your surroundings to find new, cool surprises. Kind of like Pokemon, but live. If you are interested in sustainability, there is an open exposition in front of the town hall that explains the reasons why Ljubljana won Green Capital of Europe this year (pictured above).

Other free things in Ljubljana
9| Peeing is for free in Ljubljana

9-free-things-ljubljanaHear me out, it maybe not be what you think. What I am trying to say is that access to public restrooms around the city center is free. You will be able to find them below the Triple Bridge or at the end of Plaža but I am sure there are more around the city. So now you won’t have to worry about finding the right amount change to do your deeds!

10| Water fountains

10-free-things-ljubljana-waterSkip the overpriced bottled water and use one of the dozen of water fountains around the city. As you can see, Ljubljana is very eco-friendly and humanistic because water is a human right for all. Another thing that you have to know is that tap water should be given for free at restaurants. Common courtesy is that you should order something first but at the end, the water should be included in the bill.

What activities or things are free in your city?

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