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5 reasons you will fall in love with Lake Bled, Slovenia

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I still feel a little festive from yesterday’s holiday, Valentine’s, so I thought I would write about one of the most romantic places on Earth by listing the 5 reasons you will fall in love with Lake Bled, Slovenia!

Lake Bled is one, or more accurately, the gem of Slovenia. Its quaint charm and fairy tale landscape enamors even the most cynic of visitors. Truly, pictures don’t do it justice and I hope one day you skip the traditional European itinerary and visit this charming little town in the middle of the Alps. You can use this guide to plan the things you will do when visiting Bled.

1| The magical lake
Although the church inside the little island is what’s spectacular about Bled. The lake in itself is a beauty. It is also among the preferred summer escapes for a splash of cool fun. You can swim, row a boat, or even just enjoy a very romantic walk around it. Perfect weekend date.

2| Stunning views from Bled Castle
My aunt’s face basically sums up what it feels like from the top. You can’t really appreciate the beauty from up close, unless you venture a little higher either in the castle or one of the hills around it. You appreciate the grandeur of the lake even more from up there. The color of the water is so magnetic and breathtaking.

3| Breathtaking natural escapes
Bled is surrounded by other natural hidden gems around it like Vingtar Gorge. A canyon hidden between two mountains with a gorgeous river passing by between them. There are also plenty of hills around the lake like Straža, Ojstrica, Osojnica and Kuhovnica with plenty of beautiful sights in them!

4| The magnificent Alps
And if all those other reasons aren’t enough to convince you that you will really fall in love with Lake Bled, the panoramic view of the Alps might just do it. Visiting Bled in the early spring guarantees you a view with snow included. It truly makes you feel small isn’t it?

My fellow foodie blogger & friend knows what’s good in Bled ;)

5| Delicious pastries
You know this wouldn’t be a proper guide if I didn’t recommend some kind of food must try. So when in Bled make sure you eat its famous pastry, the Kremšita. Sweet but not overpowering, fluffy and creamy, the perfect treat you will need after all that hiking and walking!

If you’ve been to Bled, which other reason to fall in love with this quaint town will you add?

From the sunny side of this,

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