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7 Must Things to Do in Bled Slovenia

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What if I told you there is a place somewhere around the world that has a small cute medieval church in the middle of a lake.

You would think that I was talking about a place out of a children’s book or a Disney movie. Lucky for you, this place does exist. It is called Bled and it is real.

bled-sloveniaNot only is one of the must see destinations to visit in Slovenia, it is also a place full of delightful things to do. Here is a comprehensive list I made for you guys of the 7 musts things to do in Bled:

1| Walk up to Bled’s Castle
If you really want to capture Lake Bled’s grandeur, you have to walk up over there to Bled Castle. Let me warn you though, you do need comfortable shoes but you won’t regret the views. There is also a museum at the top with the history of the castle, and other interesting fossils & archaeological findings.  It is said that the Romans used to called this place paradise, and you will definitely see why from the view at the top. Click here to see this year’s timetables and prices (fyi, there are special discounts for groups and students).

2| Taste the famous Kremšnita Cake

I had to use a picture from another source because ahem… I may or may not remember to take a picture of this delicious piece of heaven before eating it. I’m not apologizing. Some people argue that this actually comes from Austria, but Slovenia was under the Austrohungarian Empire for a while. So I guess we will never be 100% accurate but what is 100% accurate is that trying this out is definitely one of the must things to do while in Bled!

3| Row, row, row your boat
boat-bled-sloveniaIf you’ve ever dreamed to be swoon away with a romantic boat drive, this is your chance. At B&B Accommodations Pletna you can rent a small boat to row on your own or you can choose to be driven by them. Either way, it is truly a must experience if you are ever in Bled. Plus, you really need to get to the island. In a second I will show you why…

4| Take a romantic stroll around the Island
bled-island-church It is said that you need to cling the bell inside the church for eternal good luck. The urban legend also says that if your partner manages to carry you to the top of the stairs (mind you they are 99 steps), you will live happily forever after. I have not been part of this superstition yet.

5| Sled down the hill

Straža Ski Slope is a fun semi auto-controlled sled during the summer, and a ski resort during the winter. It’s walking distance from the lake, and you won’t be able to miss because there will be billboards guiding you to the place. It is absolutely something the whole family can do, as well as 20-sometimes looking to pretend they are children again. Don’t get nervous though, the maximum speed you can get while sliding is 40 km/h and that is if you never use the breaks. They are easy to use, and there are signs telling you where to stop along the way.

6| Take a hike

Photo of Pokljuka Trail by AdeleinSlovenia (source)

Photo of Pokljuka Trail by AdeleinSlovenia (Source)

The 3 most famous hiking trails that you can start from Bled are Pokljuka, Mt. Stol, and Triglav. You can choose which one fits your hiking expertise the best. Pokljuka is fairly easy and totally doable for those people who have not hiked in a while, Mt. Stol is a little bit more advance because some parts of the trail are tougher to do, and for those who are looking for a weekend long-expert trail hike then Triglav is the place for you.

7| Visit Vintgar Gorge
vintgar-gorge-sloveniaNo you guys, I will never stop talking about this gorgeous place. If you are lucky enough to visit Bled, make sure you also visit this place too. It is only 4 km away from the lake, and it is a beautiful 2 hour walk. It is a deep gorge that extends up over a waterfall, it has built in bridge that allows you to explore perfectly. You will be in awe and at peace here, you can barely hear any sound of civilization but don’t worry there is still signal there in case you need to tell the whole instagram about it (I totally did it, no regrets).

Here is a map with all the activities put together. I forgot to mention but you will 2×1 because there at Bled Castle you will be able to taste the aforementioned Kremšnita Cake. And pay attention because some of the hiking trails start at the same spot. Happy travels!

When are you visiting?

In the meantime make sure you bookmark/pin/save this itinerary of the 7 must things to do in Bled, Slovenia!

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