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A Big Announcement!

3 m read

My husband and I are about to venture into new territory next year, not only in the parenthood terrain, but we will be finally accomplish a long time dream of ours… moving abroad together!!

Since the beginning of our relationship, one of our main topics of conversation was figuring out where to live. You know, easy piece-y long-distance relationship stuff. Given that we don’t share the same nationality, things get tricky really quickly. But we knew wanted a life full of adventure, so we always kept our options open.

Living in Mexico together was not possible initially, I was still studying and finding a stable job right out of college was almost impossible for me. Mr. M tried several options there as well but those projects fell through. Then I tried finding something in Slovenia, and after getting into the master’s program of my choice, we decided it would be best for us to settle in his home country first.

We love our life in Slovenia, and for me it has been a great privilege getting to know his family and friends despite the language barrier. So even though we were getting restless about living abroad, we decided to stay in Slovenia until a really good opportunity came along. But then I got pregnant, and was really sick for a period of time, so we stopped actively searching for it.

But you know what they say, once you stop looking for it… it comes to you!

Funny enough, in Mexico, we believe that babies usually come with a “package”, some sort of big happy news. And boy, did he bring something good!

So… we will be moving to the capital of Europe: Brussels, Belgium!

Mr. M got a job there and I couldn’t be more proud of him. As soon as I saw the look on his face after his face-to-face meeting, I knew it was the right decision for us and our family. We will be moving there by the beginning of January!!

We are already looking for an apartment, acquired some great contacts and information about hospitals and child delivery, and got myself acquainted to the visa procedure. I even introduced myself to the Mexican community there. So hopefully, things run smoothly.

As for the stuff we need to do before we leave, I need to arrange my maternity leave first, talk to the bank, and do my thesis dissertation. But the major stuff like notifying our offices, landlord and friends and family is done. All is left is to enjoy the farewell and Christmas parties!

I have been in Brussels before and I also speak French (but I do need to dust if off a little bit). I studied it all throughout high school and college, and even did my semester abroad in Lille, France. Which coincidentally, is very similar to Belgium given that they were both part of Flanders for a while. In fact, Lille is 30 min away from the border with Belgium. So the food, weather and architecture are very similar. But anyway, I do need to download Duolingo ASAP in order to recover a little bit of my lost French.

So, that is it for now. If all goes well, I will have an Internet connection and a home to update you from for the next link up!

Happy holidays and see ya next year. Thank you for being part of this journey!!

PS: leave your Brussels questions or suggestions in the comments, will love to read them!!

From the sunny side of this,

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