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My Belgium Bucket List for 2017

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Call it wishful thinking, but I am planning on exploring Belgium as much as we can this year with our little globetrotter. And with that in mind, I decided to make a mini bucket list of the things I want to see, do, and visit with our family. This is our Belgium bucket list for 2017!

The Blue Forest, Hallerbos

The enchanting Blue Forest is one of the first off-beaten activities I stumbled upon when first researching about Belgium. Though we will have to wait a little to visit given that the blossoming season is still not here. It usually falls around late April or May, so you can expect me to be on the hunt for it!


Thank you to mugshots224 for reminding about the Belgian seaside! I can’t wait to take our little explorer for a weekend stroll to the beach. It’s sandy and, as far as I remember, it has a great ice cream place. I visited 5 years ago so I don’t remember much of it but I do remember it being very chilly and cute. Oh, and I remember the ice cream.


Look at baby Isa exploring Bruges around 5 years ago. Who would’ve thought then I would end up living in Belgium! I remember being in complete awe for Bruge. The weather, the views, and the boat ride completely captured my heart. I can’t wait to go back and share my joy with my little family.


After all, it is the diamond capital isn’t it? And I am in need of some new bling…. not. But Mr. M usually had work trips there (back when we were living in Slovenia) and his pictures always made me wish I could see the city as well. Hope we make this trip this year!

Château de la Hulpe

Zamays suggested visiting this stunning castle that I have not heard of it before! But it looks like the perfect spot to push a stroller and take cute pictures, am I right? haha. Can’t wait for summer to arrive to fully take advantage of this location.


While studying my exchange semester in Lille, I visited Brussels twice and never made it to the Atomium. So far, I haven’t stumbled upon it either. Can you spell #badblogger? Aren’t I supposed to take a picture there to make my stay in Brussels official now? My mom, who visited more than 20 years ago, already saw it. But Mr. M and I are still clueless as to where it is.

Mont des Arts

Same situation as with the previous location. After all this time, we haven’t ventured that far from the Grand Place. I would love to see those stunning gardens to cure my winter blues!

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

This particular location is only open a couple of weeks PER YEAR, as far as I know. Again, it falls at the end of April and I definitely want to make some time to see it and soak in its beauty. Not only is it filled with natural exotic wonders, its architecture is gorgeous!

Take the Comic Strip Tour

Tin Tin is one of Belgium’s artistic legacy and the city is proud of it, so commemorating its pride with a cute little comic strip tour filled with off-beat history and stories sounds like the perfect way to really capture the craze. I feel I will truly get the vibe of the city once we take this tour, the comic scene in Brussels is still pretty much alive with dozens of comic book stores everywhere.

Participate in a chocolate making class or a chocolate tour

Brussels is the capital of chocolate. Need I say more? I really wanted to take a chocolate class since arriving, but this pregnancy has made me slow down a bit. So I will wait until after the baby arrives to get my energy back (#wishfulthinking) or, as Elizabeth from InSearchOfs suggested, we could take a chocolate tour. Both delicious ideas I can’t wait to try!

Roadtrip France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

So maybe this is a little ambitious. But I would love to take a tour around some cute little French towns, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. But let’s see if our little explorer, and his mama, like to travel around by car. Only time will tell ;)

Phewwww, I just hope I find the energy AND time to complete this by the end of the year. Let the good times roll!

What will you add to this bucket list?

From the sunny side of this,

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