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Cute Family Day Trip to Breda, Netherlands

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Remember the post where I talk about being SO nervous about traveling with a baby?

Well, I’m slowly trying to loose that fear. Thankfully, Max is a very chill and calm baby. He makes traveling relatively easy (I think, because I basically have nothing to compare it to! lol), so we decided to visit sweet aunt Karlijn in her hometown last weekend. Let me show you what we did in our cute family day trip to Breda, Netherlands!

We arrived to our destination in an hour and a half, which felt like a breeze compare to our previous trip to Slovenia. And although it was quite rainy, we had the most amazing and delicious time. Here are some snaps of the day!

We started by having coffee and Tompouce cake, a typical cake of the Netherlands filled with pastry cream and puff pastry, at Karlijn’s place. When you have a baby, you do need to make these pit stops to feed and change him, but that is okay because we had a lot of catching up to do. Plus, Maxi wanted some quality time with his auntie! Aren’t they the cutest?!

Before the trip Karlijn mentioned that she couldn’t wait the snuggle him again but quickly added that she was also excited to see me too. I mean, it’s safe to say that Max is by far cuter and more snuggly than me ;) haha.

After the lovely coffee break, we headed to the city’s main market square. As you can tell by the pictures, it is so quaint and lovely! Karlijn mentioned that they just reopened the canal part, and more and more coffee shops and restaurant are popping out around there. There are lots of places to choose from!

We took a stroll around the cobble streets and pop-up shops. Of course, I had to take a dozen pictures along the way and gueeeess what I found.. Mexican flag flying high at one of the restaurants there. Any place that loves Mexican food is my kind of place!

Unfortunately, we found the place right after we had lunch (oops!). In my defense, we had to make a quick decisions because of the rain. It was still a good choice though. We had lunch atEllis Gourmet Burger. Karlijn had the skinny chicken burger, M had the cheese burger and I had the sexy salmon one.

We also visited a former convent that is now an open garden and museum. The small houses used to be inhabited by the nuns but they are now regular homes. Some of the windows displaced beautiful lace work depicting windmills giving it that Dutch flare. The museum is called Breda’s Begijnhof Museum.

After a busy day, we had our second coffee break at Inspire Coffee Company. I haven’t had a blueberry muffin this good in so long and their iced latte was on point!

There is nothing like visiting a city through the eyes of a local. We are really looking forward to more city trips like these!

Where shall we go next?

From the sunny side of this,

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