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My 6 All-time Favorite Travel Memories from Slovenia

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This past weekend trip to Slovenia brought back a LOT of memories. To commemorate such occasion, I thought it would be a good idea to round-up my 6 all-time favorite travel memories from Slovenia, hopefully to inspire you to visit these particular places!

Slovenia has gained some traction recently, and I’ve been ask about which destinations are worth visiting that are not the main tourist destinations. Mind you, Bled will always be my #1 spot (such beauty just has to be witnessed) but there are tons of other under-the-radar places that will amaze you as well. Here are my picks!


Big Berry’s remote location right besides the Kolpa River and close to the border to Croatia makes it the perfect city getaway. The houses are perfectly equipped, the staff is super friendly, and most of the food, beers and wines are locally sourced. You will be amazed by how much this small region in Slovenia has to offer. My highlight of our time there was the star gazing activity the Big Berry team planned. It happened to be a night with meteor showers, so that part was spectacular but they also contacted a local teacher with a passion for astronomy who bought his telescope with him and showed us the moon and Saturn and its rings could be seen perfectly <3 At the time I was also pregnant with Max and everything felt 100x more special!


This place left me speechless. Its crystal clear blue waters and random waterfalls alongside the Valley’s path will make anyone awe. The first time I visited we lost most of the footage because I dropped the memory card by accident, and the second time we took a special culinary tour around the area. The highlight of the tour was finding the location were Narnia was filmed!


That same weekend we took the culinary tour around Soca Valley, we also took a tour around Slovenia’s most prestigious wine region the Vipava Valley. I haven’t blogged about it yet and it well deserves its own post. Let’s just say that we had lunch inside a castle’s fortress. It was like going back in time!


This certainly doesn’t need any explanation. Bled is THE place to visit when in Slovenia. It is magical all year round, rain or sun, hot weather or snow. When we took our guests to Bled they would usually comment that it looks like other places in Austria or that yeah “it looks nice” but as SOON as they have the whole view from Bled Castle they are smitten! Truly a place like this only exists in fairy tales and it is definitely worth the visit!


Close to Bled you will also find another natural beauty, Vintgar Gorge. Nature made this Gorge perfectly for an hour-long path but it honestly takes longer to walk because you will be stopping every 5 seconds to snap lots pictures. This activity is perfect for the whole family because it is not uphill and the river for most part of the year cools you down. Visit in the fall for that extra layers of colors.


I read once that this is one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe, and it has to be true. This tiny valley hides dozens of hills, waterfalls and paths. But don’t fear, there is a path for any level of hiking expertise as well as bars on the top of most hills and picture-worthy spots. It is truly breathtaking!

Which place will you like to visit?

From the sunny side of this,

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