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LIFE UPDATES: Life in Brussels (with a baby on the way)

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“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”
– Rainer Maria Rilke

That quote pretty much sumps up what 2017 will mean for our family, we have never lived abroad together, and we have never been parents before. To say that we are hyper-excited is an understatement. I have so much to update you on, so let’s start!

We have transitioned smoothly to life here in Brussels thanks to my lovely husband. I thought I was going to be more helpful, since I have lived abroad twice already, but he has been handling everything like a pro. I know how hard it is at the beginning to do all the paperwork regarding the apartment and internet and services, but he has gotten quite the hang of things already.

We didn’t have internet or phone service the first week we arrive here. They did told us that everything would be set in a couple of hours, but since that week was off (1st of January), things got delayed a bit. We were able to explore some parts of our new neighborhood and Brussels as well, or as much as an 8 month pregnant lady can anyway. And in the couple of weeks that we’ve been here, we’ve seen ALL kinds of weather: sunny, foggy, snow, and rain. So crazy!

Overall, so far everything has been good, with a couple of setbacks here and there but we have been handling them with a sense of humor. Just imagine two foreigners trying to get a loyalty card at the super market with a new cashier at the counter. Yep, none of us knew what we were supposed to be doing ;)

I am so happy with the doctor and hospital that we got. I was SO nervous of this part of the process, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with a couple of phone calls. The doctor’s office is close to our apartment and he is Colombian, so he speaks Spanish and loves to do the typical Latin American small talk that eases your nerves and makes you laugh. I felt right at home!

The baby is, in his words, perfect and I will be seeing him every two weeks for this month, and every week once we approach the due date. In the meantime, my little nugget enjoys moving around quite a bit at times when I would rather be sleeping, but I guess he is training me for the upcoming sleepless nights :)

We already got his cute little crib with elephant theme sheets to go with it, and he will be sleeping in our room in the meantime. He does have his own room but it will be for visitors for now since our families over in the next couple of months. So exciting!

We also got the stroller and car seat, as well as all the baby stuff like diapers, tub, bottles, bottle sterilizer and other basic hygiene and medical things. We can’t wait to meet him! Moms, any must-haves I should consider that were not listed here?

I want to start small. I want to be able to handle going for walks to the park with the baby, then being able to explore the city, and slowly transition to city breaks if possible. Then we will like to visit Slovenia in the fall and spent the Christmas holidays in Mexico by December. But more than plans, I guess we actually need a budget. As you can imagine, things can get quite expensive with a new move and baby on the way :) But I am sure we will manage to do some exciting things this year!

I was glad I took this mini blogging break to focus on the move and finishing my master’s (which I successfully completed now!). I was lacking inspiration and energy by the end of the year with so many things going on, obviously all amazing things but it was a bit tough to balance it all while being pregnant. But now with a new sense of direction and my batteries recharged, I am so excited to share this new chapter of our lives in this space.

The blog’s theme will still be expat related, with as much travel we can do as a family this year, but with more lifestyle content regarding motherhood, baby things and overall family life. I will also include more blogging content sporadically. If you will like to see other things like series/movies recommendations (currently my #1 hobby), beauty/hair essentials or anything else, let me know :)


From the sunny side of this,

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