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Logarska Dolina: One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Valleys

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Where is it?
In the Central Northern part of Slovenia. It extends into the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, almost bordering Austria. It is part of the Municipality of Solčava.

Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, photo hunting, paragliding, and free climbing during the summer. During the winter you can go skiing, sledding, ice climbing, and practice Alpinism.

Natural Attractions

Rinka Waterfall

  1. Rinka waterfall
  2. Palenk Waterfall
  3. Logar Valley
  4. Brložnica Waterfall
  5. Brložnica Cave
  6. Spring of Črna River
  7. Logar’s Linden
  8. The Okrešelj basin (from these location you can go to climb various limestone mountains like Turska Gora, Rinke, Križ and Mrzla Gora, that are for more experienced hikers)
  9. Rastovški Skok Falls
  10. Plesnik’s Elm

Okrešelj basin

Entry Fee
The entrance fee will depend on your vehicle.

Passenger car 7 €
Van 8 €
Bus 25 €
Motorcycle 5 €

How to get there?
It is best to start the journey from Ljubljana and head towards the direction of Celje. And from there you will get off the freeway and into a highway that will lead you there. It is best if you have the coordinates in your GPS.

Additional Information

  • The hike to the Okrešelj basin takes around one hour and a half.
  • There are restaurants and coffee places in the park where you can rest and grab a drink, lunch or cup of coffee. But it is still advisable to bring your own snacks, and water.
  • You will be given a map at the entrance.
  • You can rent mountain bikes there.

For more information you can visit their website here.

This place is definitely a must for any adventure and nature lover!

When are you paying a visit?

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