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Max’s 1st time in Mexico!!! ✨

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Max’s 1st time in Mexico was a huge success! Every day was a small party with lots of people coming over to meet him and snuggle and kiss him and pinch those cute cheeks. There was no shortage of sunlight, baby giggles, afternoons by the pool, and cake (lots, lots of cake).

will never get enough of this photo!!!

While we were there, we celebrated three main events: his 6 month “half birthday”, my 27th birthday, and Mexico’s Independence Day. It was also the first time he dipped his feet in the sea, something he loved, and also the first time he tried papaya, something he truly hated.

this is him after his 1st bite of papaya, not pleased, not pleased at all

Oh, and he also traveled over 20,000km just to surprise his grandfather! No biggie! (a plan that by the waaaaay got ruined because someone I know told my dad about this “surprise trip” but I love this person so I can’t be really mad at him for long but let’s just say revenge is coming – and no it was not Miha #youknowwhoyouare)

traveling is so exhaaaausting

Max seamlessly made his way into the hearts of everybody. Something that was hard not to do, specially when he is always smiling and laughing with you. Since he is basically with me 24/7, I was concerned all these new people will scare him but he loved every second of this new attention.

loving his abuelito snuggles <3

He did so good on the plane, basically sleeping the whole day there. I credit this by the fact that we traveled at night, so during the big chunks of traveling it was his nighttime. Of course, I could’ve just gotten lucky. It took him almost a week to get used to the new timezone which didn’t seated well with mommy on the weekends when she went out with her friends. But babies don’t care if you are hangover. Also post-baby, you can get a hangover just by having 3 beers #imsomuchfuntobearound.

tough times

In other non-Max related news, I tried three new restaurants which I loved and grammed. Luckily, we will be going back to Mexico in December and I’ll make more of the effort to go out and try new places. I debated my whole time there whether to go out or have some home made food. And my mommy’s food won most of the time, duh.

My bestie Vivian also treated me to a spa day for a manipedi and got so relaxed I forgot to put it in my Instastories, which makes me both bad blogger and friend. I also took advantage of my parent’s new home and the neighborhood club’s gym and pool which made the 41C bearable. And I celebrated my birthday with some of my long time friends and family. It was so surreal but oh so special to be all together at the same place after 3 years!

The whole trip went better than I could’ve predicted, particularly with the jetlag and traveling with him. It was not so exhausting as I thought it would be and it was the cutest bonding experience for us.

Every day started with no plan at all, leading to lots of spontaneous gatherings and sweet memories. Plus, we will be back in December with my better half and I just can’t wait!!

But guess who is now struggling with jetlag and has been up for more than 24h and just 6h of sleep ✋. This girl. So wish me luck in trying to catch up on some sleep!

From the sunny side of this,

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