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A not-so typical Valentine’s day

2 m read

Or week.

Oh, good old Valentine’s.

Some people dislike it, some others love it.

And I tend to be both of them at the same time. But since I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and I am here to look at the sunny side of things, I think Valentine’s  a good reminder that we need to do some effort to tell the people we love the most how important they are to us. Some people buy gifts, some do grand gestures, some do an Anti-Valentine’s Bash (as I have to seriously confess I have done in the past), and some of us who can’t be close for that day, give time.

Long distance love gets a little bit harder when everybody around you gets the chance to hold close the one they love.  But when somebody means so much, distance gets so small.

2013-08-26 16.46.45

oceans away…

So what does one can do?

Make the same dinner at the same time, while one has it for lunch and the other for dinner. I got 99 problems, but the 8 hour difference ain’t one!

Yes, we made Chipotle Pasta Alfredo at the same time through FaceTime. If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what love is. ❤


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

We organized the ingredients before hand and followed the instructions together. cue the love birds and hearts

Plus, the bright side on the delayed packages delivery service is that you get to keep celebrating Valentine’s until both receive what the other sent. My sweetheart just got his present a couple of days ago.


:D !!!!!!!!!!

I made him a non-digital randomly generated personalized poem maker.

Exactly! What he always wanted!

Well, the poem maker is basically a Rubix Cube with the colors replaced with poetic phrases which you can randomly arrange to make a new poem. I came up with the idea to make one with a letter per box but it was very complicated and stumble with this. Those are the instructions for the project if you want to try it out.

It’s fantastic the amount of rhythms and  poems you can come up with. One more original and fresh than the previous. Watching the look on his face every time there was a new piece made it all worth it.

So even though I didn’t get the chance to have him next to me, it made me really value what we have. The whole Atlantic disappeared for that day, and every day it shrinks away. Alas, love conquers all.

From the romantic side of life,


From the sunny side of this,

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