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Sunday Funday: A Guide to the Best Things to do in Amsterdam

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This past weekend, we had the opportunity to explore Amsterdam. And luckily for us, it is not a city that sleeps on a Sunday! Save this guide if you ever visit this city on a weekend and have yourself a Sunday Funday: a guide to the best things to do in Amsterdam.

9 AM: Get your picture taken at the IAMSTERDAM letters
I knoooow, so touristy it is almost annoying but don’t tell me you don’t want to do it. It’s THE picture you have to take to prove that you really went to Amsterdam, isn’t it? But since you’re there already, at the Museum Quarter to be exact. Check out the Rijksmuseum, the MOCO museum for modern art or the Van Gogh Museum.

I for Isabel, we are both named the same, since I was named after my mom :)

10 AM: Have brunch at Blushing
A simple European breakfast doesn’t cut it for me, so when I saw this place popping up on my Instagram foodie search, I knew I had to give it a try! They have a lot of options from pancakes to cakes, but we opted for the egg menu. The menu comes with orange juice, coffee, bread, toppings, and eggs prepared the way you want to. My mom and I got the omelette and Mr. M got the sunny side up eggs. How blog-appropriate ;)

12 AM: Cruise the canals with Blue Boat Company
There are so many tour options in Amsterdam, but the best way to explore the city is through its world-famous canals. On previous trips to Amsterdam, I chose the walking tours. But this time, I wanted to avoid walking as much as possible given my (pregnant) circumstances. The tour lasts 75 minutes, and it takes you to the prettiest routes, as well as the most historical ones (a view to Anne Frank’s house included). Although it has a prerecorded audio the captain will also interact with you. It is also a great option if you don’t want the rain to spoil the fun of your trip. Honestly, the views form the canal stole my heart!

a epic view of the NEMO museum, its design is inspired after a cruise ship, can you tell?

2 PM: Explore Dam Square and enjoy a midday snack at Melly’s Cookie Bar
What trip will not be completed with a stroll around its city center. Dam Square is the epitome of Amsterdam. Granted, there are a lot of international brands and it kind of feels like a tourist trap, but a few hidden gems are there as well. Melly’s Cookie Bar had the best chocolate alfajore I eveeeeer tasted! It was getting kind of cold, so we decided to get cozy to and grab a bite of something sweet.. best decision ever.


3 PM: Explore the little shops at the Red Light District and grab a drink at Cafe Van Beeren
The Red Light District is more than just its infamous red lighted windows, it is one of the livest parts of the town filled with small shops, bars and restaurants all around. We stopped at a cafe for a quick drink and chat while doing some window shopping. If you are early enough you will avoid the controversial part of the neighborhood.

5 PM: Have a late lunch at Little Thai Prince
Amsterdam has always been an international harbor of flavors, waaay back in its early port days. This is where some of the first trading with South America and Asia happened in Europe. Therefore, it has always embraced a variety of cuisines. It’s pretty well known that you must have a taste of Thai food in Amsterdam because it’s very close to the real deal. We dinned at Little Thai Prince, and although we had to wait until 5 pm for them to open, it was worth the wait. The food is presented so beautifully and it’s also pretty delicious!

spicy but very savory sauces!

7 PM: Grab a drink or dessert at Hotel Cafe Corner House or around Prinsengracht station at Bar B Burgers & Beer Bar By the end of the night, you have to options: stay close to the Red Light District or explore around Prinsengracht, an area where you can find lots of up and coming restaurants, it’s sort of the foodie spot of Amsterdam. On Saturday night, we had a couple of drinks at Bar-B, a nice place with a chill atmosphere and lots of beer options. On Sunday night, we hanged out at the Hotel Cafe Corner House. Which not only does it have tons of beer options as well, it has some to die for ice cream chocolate crepes (apologies for the lack of picture, apparently my blogger brain stopped working the minute I saw the delicious pancake)!

I was so pleasantry surprised at the amount of things you can do, not only on a weekend, but particularly on Sunday in Amsterdam. Don’t hesitate to visit the city on this day. In the end, the only problem you’ll have it not having enough time to see everything!

Do you like exploring a city on a Sunday?

From the sunny side of this,

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