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I wish I could go back to Slovenia to do this…

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By the looks of it, most of you might think that I am brave. After all, I did move away for love. And to a country that I had only visited once before, where I only knew about 3 words of the spoken language there.

But Iā€™m actually not so brave. Iā€™m actually quite risk averse. Especially to adrenaline filled activities.

Sky diving? Never.

Bungee jumping? Not a chance.

Kayaking? No, thanks!

So imagine my surprise when I realized that everyone in Slovenia is into some kind of adrenaline sport or activity. I was in shock. But I quickly realized that with views like the ones you get in Slovenia, anyone can become an adrenaline junkie in no time.

More so if you are into motorcycle riding.

Every summer, motorcycle riders from all over the country and the world take over the Slovenian rodes. And how can they not with such beautiful weather and awesome curves at every corner. As a matter of fact, multiple restaurants around the summer time will have signs with “Riders welcome!” on them. You could literally find a different rider’s club in every restaurant.

One particular breathtaking route, and a favorite among riders, is the one of the Soca Valley. The road actually follows along the river’s natural path. So you will be overlooking its beautiful turquoise waters when driving it.

Every time we would stumble on one of those motorcycling clubs, I would day-dream of one day being brave enough to join them. They look so carefree and bad-ass. It makes you want to ditch everything and join the motorcycle cult.

I really wish I could go back to Slovenia just to be able to experience this and ride along the Soca Valley route.

If you are hesitant about traveling internationally to cruise the Soca Valley route, ships any kind of motorcycle equipment internationally, including top tires for motorcycles.

Are you into some kind of adrenaline sport?

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